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Frequently Asked Questions


Is this an all or nothing service?

No, this is not an all or nothing service.  That said, the MAXIMUM benefit is derived by utilizing all of the Champions partners through the buying and selling process.  We work seamlessly together with the goal of providing the best service to you and saving you the most money.  Our small way of saying THANK YOU!

Does the insurance discount only apply to home buyers or to all hometown heroes?

Contact us to discuss!  We are here to support our community champions and want to give you a discount on your current rates.  

Who can I talk to right now to get additional information?

Call us at 800-697-8781 or email for immediate assistance, or fill out the "Contact" form at the bottom of this page.  We are here to work with you regardless of time or day.   

I am a Realtor and I want to support Hometown Heroes.  How do I get involved?

E-mail - all partners must have a commitment to serving hometown heroes and impeccable customer service records.  We would love to discuss having you on our team.


Our Mission

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