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Champions of the Community is a team of real-estate professionals here to serve first responders, current and former military service members, front line medical workers, and educators. 


Our team is comprised of community champions and their families.  Because we personally know the sacrifice that you have made to serve our community, we are here to serve you in a wide variety of real-estate transactions.  

We leverage a team of Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Lenders, Title Companies, and Insurance Agencies that seek to give back to community heroes by providing specific discounts during home purchases and re-finances.   We also streamline the home purchase or re-finance process by allowing  hometown heroes to access a vetted team of professionals committed to giving back.  

Our Incentives Include:

  • Real Estate Agents will waive their admin fee or provide a one year home warranty

  • Mortgage Lenders will provide up to $1,000 loan reduction or cash at closing

  • Title Companies will conduct work at cost.  

  • Insurance Agencies will offer a 5% discount on the total insurance package.  



Our team is comprised of vetted and committed real-estate professionals that either have served in front-line roles or have family members that have served.  Our team is committed to providing direct assistance to hometown heroes in all real-estate matters.  



We offer unparalleled customer service to front-line workers and hometown heroes.    Our customers consistently provide feedback reflecting the financial and customer service benefits that Champions of the Community provides.



We seek to provide tailor-made services to customers with a variety of needs.  Our guiding principle is simple: give back to hometown heroes who have served within the community.  Learn more about our services and how Champions of the Community can serve you. 

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